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About Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage, and Lighting

Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage, and Lighting has serviced families and commercial properties in the Dallas area since 1987. The Southlake (Fort Worth) location opened in 2004, Austin in 2010, and San Antonio in 2012. Our franchises recently expanded to Houston, Lubbock, and Charleston, SC, with many more locations to come. The quality of service customers experience, from the time they speak with our call center to make an appointment, to the moment their service is complete, is what sets Andy’s apart from the competition. The distinguished quality of customer service and trust Andy’s has been able to maintain is impeccable, and one of the reasons we have had loyal customers for over 30 years.

Products and Services

Sprinkler System Checks & Tune-Ups
Our technicians come across various issues while checking through sprinkler systems. Through their experience and expertise, they are able to give customers the best recommendation moving forward with repairs. The honesty of our technicians has kept customers coming back and, often times, request the same technician as before. Sprinkler checks are common, and even more common for returning customers, in order to maintain a functioning system.

Solve Troublesome Landscape Drainage Issues
Drain installations have been prevalent in homes to prevent a variety of issues. Often times, customers who have had sprinkler work done with Andy’s, call back when they are ready for drains as well. Because we offer a variety of services, our customers will come to us for any issues they are having if we are able to help them. Andy’s customers, or ‘family,’ build a relationship with our technicians and prefer to use our services over others.

Protect clients from flooding issues that threaten your foundation
Other crucial services Andy’s offers are drain and drip irrigation installations. Andy’s has been successful in assisting many people not only get rid of built up water, but save their foundation as well. Each drain or drip irrigation installation is designed specifically for the home. They get together a plan in order for the customer to salvage and maintain their foundation. This preventative maintenance has been more popular in homes in order to prevent severe damage.

Deliver water saving environmental watering systems
Another aspect that differentiates Andy’s is that we strive to conserve water, and as a result, save money for the customer. The technicians will   install slow drips in order to water directly where it’s needed, rather than allow only a portion of the water to reach the area. Customers appreciate this service as the technicians attempt to help benefit their water usage, as well as their landscaping.